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Maids On Call

We offer quality residential and commercial cleaning on a weekly, biweekly, monthly, or as needed basis.

We are licensed and insured, our cleaners are professionally trained to perform the job in the best of their expertise.

Our cleaning services are some of the best in the industry.

Maids On Call
All Areas of Home

Services Standard Clean Deep Clean Move-in/Move-out
Vacuum Carpet
Sweep and Mop Fllors
Remove cobwebs
Dust Surfaces, Blinds and Window Ledges
Empty Trash Cans
Clean Mirrors
Clean table tops (e.g. glass, wood, metal, etc)
Clean Baseboards
Clean Closet Shelves
Wipe Down Blinds
Clean Windows

Kitchen Area

Services Standard Clean Deep Clean Move-in/Move-out
Clean Stove Top and Fan
Clean Appliance (eg. Refridgerator, Dishwasher, Ovens, etc) Surfaces
Clean Countertops and Island top
Clean Microwave (Inside and Outside)
Load and Run DIshwasher
Scrub and Clean Sink
Polish Stainless Steel Appliances (if applicable)
Clean Burner casing/under grills
Clean Inside Oven
Clean Inside Refrigerator
Clean Heavy Build-up/Mildew Areas

Bedroom Areas

Services Standard Clean Deep Clean Move-in/Move-Out
Vacuum Carpets
Vacuum Chairs/Love Seat/Chaise/Benchs
Fluff Pillows/Cushions
Make Beds
Change Linens

Bathroom Areas

Services Standard Clean Deep Clean Move-in/Move-out
Scrub and Clean Toilets
Scrub and Clean Tubs/Showers
Scrub and Clean Sinks
Clean Countertops, Soap Dishes and Mirrors
Wipe Down Cabinet Fronts and Handles
Clean Inside Cabinets and Medicine Cabinets
Scrub Heavy Bathroom Build up

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